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After Having to Repair My Car & Uber Everywhere for Months, I Am Behind on Rent!

My Story:

I am a divorced mother of two daughters. I have been employed full-time for over two years at a government contracting company. My oldest is 26 years old and is not working; she is looking for a job she can work from home because of her multiple health conditions. My youngest is 19 and enrolled full-time in college for computer science.

I earn enough for my basic expenses, but my car was leaking gas. I had to spend a few months getting everything delivered and Ubering everywhere. That cost me, and the repairs were costly on top of that. I am only now getting completely caught up with that, and between this and my daughter's college payments, I did have to pay rent late last month. After falling behind, it has been hard to catch back up with everything, and my landlord has already threatened to evict us.

I am asking for this one-time help with my rent, so I can get back on track. I will have enough for next month's. This help will ensure my daughter has a home to come back to on her breaks and keep my other daughter and I safe. It will ensure my daughter has everything she needs to continue monitoring her health, and we would be so grateful. It would mean I could be stable again. Thank you so much.

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