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We Finally Have a Home After Living in Our Car, but We May Be Evicted Since I Got Sick & Lost Work!

My Story:

Hi everybody, I am a single mom to a wonderful son, and I serve my community full-time as a fire stopper. Until a few years ago, we were living in our car; it was a terrible situation. My son has tourette's and autism, and after fighting for years to improve his life, I decided to put him in a school that directly supports his needs, even if it is more expensive, and to get him a much-needed service dog.

We struggle to get by from month to month due to the cost of my son's school and therapy bills, but we manage to get by. However, I became very sick right as my car completely broke down. It caused me to lose time at work and then pay a costly repair bill, so I could go to work at all. I was not able to pay our rent on time because of this, and my landlord is already threatening to evict us. I am so scared we won't be able to keep a roof over our heads and will have to live in our car again.

Like I said, I'm terrified we'll have to go back to living out of our car, so I am hoping we can get help with our rent. I would have been able to handle the car repairs if I did not lose so many hours at work while I was sick. Truly, this situation was very unlucky, but still, it has us on the brink of homelessness. With that in mind though, this act of incredible generosity would ensure I can provide a stable home for my son and our animals so he can continue to cope as best as possible with his challenges. We would be so grateful for this support.

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