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We're Nurses, & I Lost Work After Being Diagnosed With an Enlarged Heart. We Can't Pay Our Rent!

My Story:

I am a happily married husband and father of 2 daughters. My oldest is 3.5 years old, and she's autistic. She requires a lot of help and can be difficult at times, but there is a lot of laughter in our house. My youngest is not quite 2 years old yet, but she is so smart. She is a funny and fun-loving child. We also have a Newfoundland dog named Kenobi. He adores our girls very much. My wife and I are both nurses, and we would typically earn enough to pay our expenses each month, but at my last primary care appointment, I was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, high blood pressure, and my kidney function labs were elevated. I had to get new medications, go to specialist appointments, and change my diet and exercise regimen.

While doing all of this, I, unfortunately, was unable to work for over a month. This put a financial strain on us because our household was now surviving only on my wife's income. This has put us behind on several bills, especially our rent. We have received an eviction notice from our property management company; we owe rent for two months plus the late fees. We are very humbly asking for assistance with this because I fear we will lose our family's home.

This assistance will catch us up and allow us to have stable housing. I am finally able to start work again and have a new job lined up to start soon. Any help we can receive will provide security for our family, and for that, we would be eternally grateful. These health concerns have gotten in the way, but I'm determined to get back to work assisting patients and doing my best to pay this act of kindness forward.

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