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I'm a Disabled Veteran Trying to Move My Whole Family to Boston. We Can't Afford The Moving Truck!

My Story:

I am a retired military veteran that is 100% disabled. My wife and I take care of our daughter and four grandchildren. I am on a VA disability pension and get social security disability, but this is our only source of income. We are a very close family, and we take great care of each other.

My daughter just got a divorce, so we have lost the income her husband was bringing into the house. That made things a bit tight, however, she just got a promising job in Boston which will help our financial situation tremendously. Since our lease is up soon, we all plan to move together to Boston. The only problem is that I cannot afford the security deposit, first month's rent, and car note if I have to purchase this moving truck.

We are asking for help getting us a moving truck, so we can make this crucial move to Boston. This will allow me to pay our other necessary expenses, so my daughter can successfully start bringing in a second source of income for our family. Thank you so much for helping us through this journey.

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