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I'm a Homeless Veteran & Escaped Domestic Abuse With My Daughter. My Car's About to be Repossessed!

My Story:

I am a homeless veteran living in my car with my daughter, and I recently started a new part-time job. We were forced into homelessness after fleeing a domestic abuse situation. We have suffered mentally, and everything seems to be falling apart.

I will be getting paid soon, but it will not be enough to avoid repossession of my vehicle. It is the only thing we have left to keep us safe, and without it, I will lose my job. My job is the only thing that could get us out of the situation we are in right now.

I am asking for help with my car payment. It would save us from being alone on the street and allow me to keep my job. I could save up a little for the next car payment and work toward an apartment of our own. This really would change our situation, and we are so thankful for anything you can contribute.

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