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I Lost a Week of Work Due to Heart Issues & My Husband Was Laid Off. We're Behind on Rent!

My Story:

I am a married mother of one daughter. She is 5 years old and very outgoing. We like to go hiking, fishing, and swimming. She loves spending time with animals as well as dancing and singing. She was just recently diagnosed with ADHD and put on a modified school schedule, so she only goes to school 3 hours a day. Things have been difficult since then because my husband was put out of work about a month ago. I just started working again, but everything fell behind before I could even get a paycheck.

Normally, we aren't in this position. Last winter was hard because we both got COVID, and we only just got caught up on everything that fell behind from that time. Since my daughter's modified school schedule started, someone now must be home when she gets out of school. I have been sick this past week because of my heart issues, but I have one full-time and one part-time job to try to keep our heads above water. We are asking for help with our rent which is a month late; we have already exhausted every resource available in our community. None of them can help until next year. We are on track to be evicted for the holidays.

This assistance will help us get back on our feet. My husband is trying to find a part-time job, but it's hard to find night work. I know that with this one-time help, we will be one step closer to clearing this tough time.

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