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I Battled COVID for 7 Months & Now I'm About to Lose My Home. Please Help!

My Story:

After battling COVID-19 for seven grueling months, I faced not just physical but emotional and spiritual storms. There were moments when it felt like giving up was the only option. I constantly worry about money and the looming fear of losing my home. To make things tougher, I moved to Texas all alone last year. The journey back from illness has been a roller-coaster, and the financial aftermath is a stark reminder of the fragility of life. Many nights were spent fearing the worst, losing sleep, and shedding countless tears. Now, I'm on the path to recovery and back at work.

The temporary loss of income during my sickness left me in a precarious situation. Each day was a battle against both COVID and the constant threat of eviction. Returning to work was a victory, but the mountain of bills has felt insurmountable, so I'm reaching out for assistance with my rent.

This isn't merely a financial ask; it's a lifeline to a more sustainable future. It opens avenues to allocate extra income towards other piled-up bills. It would serve as a reset button, allowing me to clear the backlog of bills and regain a sense of stability. I could break free from the shackles of financial stress and move towards a brighter tomorrow. It's a chance to rebuild a life filled with resilience and hope, something I thought I might never see again.

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