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I'm a First Gen Cuban American That Can't Pay My Car's Insurance Because I Was Between Jobs! Help!

My Story:

I am a first-generation Cuban American who lives with my elderly father. My father is an avid lover of psychology and Dr. Carl Jung. He works at an airline supply company where he orders/ships small mechanical parts for airplanes. I am a graduate of Florida International University. I majored in Broadcast Journalism/Mass Communications and love documentaries, books, and culinary arts.

I was laid off in 2022 and the unemployment benefit process took a long time to kick in. In the meantime, I paid my bills with credit cards and my savings. I was hired at a new, exciting job in December 2022, and I am in the process of paying myself out of the financial hole I am in. I live paycheck to paycheck and have postponed paying off some medical bills while I get back on track. I would be beyond grateful if I could get help with my car insurance policy.

If I could get this covered, it would allow me to pay off some bills and get my head above water again. This has really taken a toll on me psychologically; I am always stressed about my finances. This act of kindness would allow me to pay for my medications, groceries, and utilities. It would grant me peace of mind and alleviate the strain this situation has placed on my health.

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