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I'm a Teacher & My Husband is a Veteran. Our Utility Bills Skyrocketed & Now We Can't Pay Our Rent!

My Story:

I am a new public-school teacher for special needs kids, and my fiance is a USMC and Army Paratrooper veteran who recently returned home from a two-year deployment. He has recently found employment but has not yet gotten his first paycheck. We have a son who is autistic and in college now; he is very gifted academically. We also have a 12-year-old daughter with autism and another very intelligent 7-year-old daughter.

Recently, I made the costly transition from massage therapist to schoolteacher, and I was without a paycheck for a full month while I made the transition. To add to our financial stress, after we moved into this house in April, the HOA said our sod needed to be replaced. The property management company did that, but the increased water usage from watering the sod increased our water bills by hundreds of dollars for three months in a row. This was a huge blow and we ended up having to start using our savings to pay bills. We've burned through our savings after paying these increased utility costs and after I went without pay for a month, and we can't cover this month's rent.

We're deeply afraid of losing our home, so we're very humbly asking for assistance with part of this month's rent. Getting assistance with even a portion of our rent would be immensely helpful in getting us back on top of things. The housing market in Central Florida is not good for renters, and we would have nowhere to go if we lose our home. This kindness allows us to breathe and ensure our rent is paid on time. We hope to right ourselves and one day return the favor to others who need it.

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