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I Crushed My Hand in a Machine at Work & Barely Kept It. Now, My Family is Drowning in Bills!

My Story:

I have been happily married to my beautiful wife for two years now. I have a son and daughter who both have given me 1 beautiful grandson each. I have a stepson who is 15 years old and lives with my wife and I. Currently, I am the sole provider for my household. I work full-time in the metal fabrication field.

About a year ago, I injured my hand from a machine I was operating. The machine allows me to bend metal at a 90-degree angle when pressing the peddle. My hand was inside the machine, and without realizing, I bent my fingers inside it. After having multiple operations and being able to save my hand, it's not quite back to its full function. My family is barely making ends meet in terms of groceries and basic needs. My wife is waiting on her U.S. residency card to arrive, so she can look for jobs. I've been working overtime to try and get by, but lately, my hand is having significant pain, so I must follow up with the surgeon again. We were forced to move to a different apartment almost right before I was injured, and we were never able to pay our final bill at the old apartment. It is causing stress and financial difficulties for my family and forcing me to search for help.

This assistance with the bill I owe to the apartment complex where we previously lived would get my family through this financial hardship. I would be able to provide food and basic needs for my family. It would allow me to focus on paying my medical bills and recovering. I hope to be able to get full mobility back to my hand eventually, but if I keep working this much, the pain will only get worse. It would restore our sense of stability. My wife wouldn't have to be so stressed out. We could buy our son clothes for school. It would make a long-lasting impact on our family and set an example for our kids.

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