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I Bought My Home Not Knowing It Had Leaky Windows & Doors. If I Repair It, I Can't Pay My Mortgage!

My Story:

I am single and purchased my first home three years ago. I work for the state of Maryland in the Department of Social Services, and I love writing and natural remedies. I spend time writing and researching natural foods, plants, and herbs, as I like to create my own body products.

Becoming a homeowner has been exciting, but when I purchased my home, I had no idea that it had leaky windows and doors until after the first winter. I also had no idea what it cost to buy new ones until I started shopping for them. I could not afford the repairs which has caused my utility bills to climb. I just received a turn off notice, but I, luckily, got an extension to pay.

I am trying to find any resources that I can to get me back on track, so I'm humbly asking for assistance with my mortgage. This one-time assistance will save my home from foreclosure and allow me to pay my utility bills and repair my home. I have been struggling with this for some time now, and if I have a clean slate, I can focus on a budget. Until recently, I didn't know this organization existed, and I was so touched that there are people out there willing to help total strangers. If only the whole world was like this organization, the world would be a better place. I'm inspired to pay it forward and help the next person when I can.

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