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I Injured My Back & My Employer Took Away My Workers' Compensation. My Medical Bill is Overdue!

My Story:

I have been a maintenance technician for 25-plus years, and I have 7 daughters. The oldest is 38, and the youngest are 21-year-old twins. Some of my daughters are in college, and some of them have graduated already. I worked hard all these years to make sure that that had everything they needed, and I am so very proud of them, especially in these times.

Back in January, I injured my back and was out on workers' compensation. Suddenly, in June, my workers' compensation was taken away from me. I worked so hard for my employer, and it left me completely emptying my savings to pay for 4 months of bills. Now, I am barely scraping by, and I must ask family members for help. I am so used to doing everything by myself without help, so it has been hard on me to ask for help.

I have a cardiology bill that has gone to collections, and I need assistance to pay it off. This one-time assistance will relieve my stress, give me space to breathe, and help keep my credit score in good standing. This will allow me to get back on track, and I would be so grateful.

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