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I'm a Single Mom of 4 Girls & Their Grandma Just Passed. We Can't Pay Rent Due to Eviction Fees!

My Story:

I am a single mother to 4 beautiful daughters. My oldest is a freshman in college and the others are a senior in high school, 8th grader, and 4th grader. We stay busy with school, sports, and social activities. I also work in a local nursing home as a nurse.

I had an unexpected auto repair in July that was hundreds of dollars, and then, we had a death in the immediate family. My kids' grandmother passed away in mid-August. After this happened, we were devastated, and I fell behind on my bills, including our rent. I had an eviction filed against me in August and ended up having to pay a sum of money just to stay in the apartment for August. I have been working extra hard to catch up. We had another eviction notice in October, and I must pay the same sum of money to stay in my home this month (court costs). This is going to make my November rent late.

I am asking for help to pay our November rent. This assistance would allow me to catch up on our bills and give me some mental peace. Struggling with finances feels like having a huge weight on your back that you can't get rid of. This would bring me the serenity to be more present in both me and my kids' lives.

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