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I'm 87 & Need to Move to Be Closer to Family & My Doctors. I Can't Afford the U-Haul!

My Story:

I am an 87-year-old single woman with health problems who wants to relocate to be near family for support. My income is strictly social security. My current rent along with necessary lawn upkeep can get quite expensive. After I pay for my car, rental, and life insurance, it leaves little to live on.

This move will allow me to live in low-income housing and be close to doctors and family. I was living in Florida with my sister for almost 16 years, but when she passed away, her son wanted to sell her home. I moved, and the expenses associated with that took up all my savings. I am struggling to move now because of this. I am asking for assistance paying U-Haul, so I can transport all my belongings. If I can't receive help, I will have to borrow from the bank, making my income more fragile. One more bill to pay would take up all my income, not leaving room to save for possible car repairs or hospital stays.

This assistance would mean more than you know and provide me with the ability to pay for any emergency costs that come up.

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