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Special Needs Children
Urgent Health Care
Unsupported Single Parent

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeThere is not enough words I could form to let all of the donors know how truly grateful I am for all of your contributions. During such a hard time of my life my prayers have be answered at a great time. This has given me the opportunity to catch up on my car note payment as well as other bills. I can now enjoy the holidays with this burden off of my shoulders while having a peace of mind. I pray one day I am doing well enough to be able to donate and help another family in need. Thank you & Happy Holiday�s

I'm a Single Mom to a Boy With Polyposis Syndrome. I Lost Work & Now Our Car Will Be Reposessed!

My Story:

I am a single mother with one wonderful son who has a disability. He is 7 years old and very clever. We love to go on nature walks, hike, and visit new museums in our free time. I am a patient care technician, and I am currently in nursing school.

My son was diagnosed with Juvenile Polyposis Syndrome last year, and he had frequent hospital visits and surgeries. I was without a job for some time to care for him, and I am still trying to play catch up with bills because of this hardship we have faced. I have fallen two months behind on my car payment, and I really need help with it. I don't want to lose my car. I just caught up on the rest of my bills, but now I can't pay this off. It will become very hard for me to get my son to his appointments and the ER without any transportation.

This act of kindness will bring our household current again. I will be able to pick up overtime work starting next month, and that will allow me to set money aside for emergencies. I will no longer have to live paycheck to paycheck. Your help will make a long- lasting impact on my son and I, as we will no longer have to live in a state of survival. This help will make a huge difference in our lives.

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