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Moving Took My Every Penny & Now My Phone is Going to Be Shut Off! Please Help!

My Story:

I am single woman from NJ/NY area. I am a freelancer and work as an executive assistant.

Rent has skyrocketed where I live. I moved last month and had to use all the money I have to do so. I don't have any savings. Because of this, I fell behind on my phone bill for the past couple of months.

I had to use the funds I had to pay for my phone to be able to move. I am asking for assistance to bring my phone bill current again. If they turn off the phone line, I will have to pay more late fees and a reconnection fee which I would like to avoid.

This kindness would help me get out of the negatives. The calls from collections would stop, and it would allow me to start fresh. I know if I can get current again, I can pay the bill on my own. I really appreciate any help toward this bill of mine.

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