Paid 11/08/2023
Unsupported Single Parent
Imminent Loss of Housing
Medical Emergency

Fully Funded

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This person has left the following thank you note:

I am unsure how to express in words my thanks. The past years have been absolutely rough financially on my family and this is a HUGE help! With the turmoil its easy to feel hopeless, lost and alone in the struggle. Coming to this site not only helped remind me to be grateful,but also understand that we all need help sometimes and shouldnt be ashamed to ask for it (I have a hard time asking for help but with my kids involved I had to do everything I could!). I am extremely happy that all of you angels have helped! Like I said I cannot thank you all enough and I hope that your days be filled with love and joy! Blessings!

I'm a Single Mom Raising 2 Girls. I'm On My Last Car Payment, but I Can't Pay Rent!

My Story:

I am a mother of two beautiful girls (9&10). One does gymnastics and the other is very creative. I work full time (and often overtime) in an aluminum factory, but I am still struggling to make ends meet.

I am 3 months behind on my car because I have had to prioritize immediate bills like my water or electric, but it is my last and final payment! It is due in the same week as my rent (which they've increased). I have received a 3-day notice from the landlord for rent and my car will be repossessed if I do not make a payment. I'd hate to have paid this car off from 2016-now just to have it taken! My job made me leave work for two weeks right when I was planning to do a bunch of overtime. My doctor wrote a notice that said I couldn't lift beyond 10 lbs because of a minor surgery, so I had to go on short term disability for a little bit. In the meantime, I also had both my girls' birthdays within two weeks of each other, and I had to replace two tires on my car. I felt afraid to drive my kids around like that, so I had to change them. The utility bill was past due and high, so I had to pay that in the same timeframe. With the high cost of rent, I can't afford it my last car payment! I can't prioritize one over the other! They are both essential! I've been stressing out quite a bit and just need help!

I am asking for assistance with my rent. I am past due on my rent and considering a high interest loan, but that will just put me into more of a financial bind.

I've been wanting to save for a home for my children and I, but between the high rent and car payments, and just regular day to day living expenses, I am barely making it. I've had to pull out from my 401k nearly every month to make ends meet. My car is on its last payment, so once that is paid, I am hoping I can start saving a little. I have enrolled to go back to school, so I can eventually get a better job. This assistance with my rent will allow me to afford to live and raise these girls on my own. I am constantly stressed about finances and working overtime isn't even enough!

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Application Status Update: On 2023-11-16, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,703.00 to Seaside Villas on behalf of this deserving individual.