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I'm A Single Mom & A Medical Bill Has Crippled My Family! Save Us From Falling Further Into Debt!

My Story:

As a mother of a 9-year-old Cub Scout and a 2-year-old daughter, my family is the center of my world. Alongside my responsibilities as a mom, I'm deeply passionate about my business, which focuses on providing essential aquatic education and services to underserved communities. I believe that access to swimming education and water safety is crucial for every child, regardless of their background. I'm driven by the desire to provide for my family while making a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

In addition to challenges related to childcare, I also faced an unexpected and serious medical issue that further exacerbated our financial difficulties. I was diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids, and it landed me in the hospital. I experienced significant bleeding, and I needed a blood transfusion. I was in the hospital for two days and received three units of blood and an iron bag unit. This unexpected health crisis was physically and emotionally draining, and I incurred a host of medical bills that I was wholly unprepared for. Balancing these expenses alongside the ongoing costs of childcare and after-school care for my children has placed an immense strain on our family's finances. It is my hope that with some financial relief, I can navigate this period of hardship more effectively and secure a stable future for my family.

I am seeking Modest Needs' assistance to cover the bill for my hospital stay, blood transfusions, and necessary medical treatments. If I can't pay it, I fear that it will lead to difficulties in paying other essential expenses such as rent, utilities, and groceries. I may have no choice but to rely on credit cards or loans to pay off the medical bill, potentially accumulating high-interest debt that will be challenging to manage in the long run. The financial burden of this medical expense could jeopardize my ability to provide suitable childcare and after-school care for my children, affecting their well-being and daily routines. The looming financial strain causes my family anxiety that has impacted our overall quality of life. This kindness would provide immense relief and stability to our family during this challenging time. It would allow us to focus meeting our living expenses without the overwhelming burden of medical debt. Your support would make a significant difference in our lives and help us move forward with hope.

This one-time assistance would have a profound, positive impact on me and my family's finances and wellbeing. By not relying on credit cards or loans to pay off the medical expense, my credit score will remain intact. This will also allow me to preserve my existing savings and emergency funds, ensuring I have a financial safety net for any unexpected expenses in the future. This act of generosity will help me regain peace of mind and focus on my business without the constant worry of mounting financial obligations. I can prioritize my health and recovery without the added stress of financial worries. We can continue to provide for our children's needs and create a nurturing and stable environment for them. This assistance will enable me to avoid financial pitfalls, protect my credit, reduce stress, and invest in my family's well-being and my business. The long-term impact will be a more secure and prosperous future for myself and my loved ones.

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