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I Moved My Family Back Home, but It Cost a Fortune! We Can't Cover Our Phone Bill!

My Story:

I will have been married for 21 years this coming November. My wife and I have an 18-year-old who got married in July to her high school sweetheart. I found out a month before her 17th birthday that, like me, she has degenerative disk disease with two herniated disks. I'm trying to get her enrolled into school through chapter 35. My middle child is 16 and loves to draw and watch scary movies. My youngest loves video games.

We moved home to Louisiana, but renting the U-Haul and paying for gas was expensive. I can't go hours on end driving anymore, so we had to stop and sleep at a motel for two nights. It took everything I had to make it back to Louisiana, and I almost thought my wife was going to have to put me in hospital. We lost a good bit of our furniture. Our kids need clothes, and heck, I even need some shoes and pants myself. Also, the two youngest need school supplies.

I'm asking if we can get help to cover our phone bill. We usually can cover it, but it would keep us from getting school supplies, clothes, and other things for our kids. We would be very grateful for this assistance.

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