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Urgent Health Care
Moving Assistance

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Thank you so much for thr help, me and my wife appreciate it so much. We have been worried about it. There have been so many doctor appts since we have been back home. I actually have food VA doctors this time. I'm still fighting my sugar and my green team at the clinic is keeping a food watch on me. My wife took our son to his new GI doc and has a scope scheduled for Jan. We are so hoping he can give us a better idea to what is going on with his stomach. Our oldest is now having to start physical therapy 2 days a week. She's also starting college mid Jan. We have appts starting the first week of Jan and this takes a little worry off. So again thank you so much. It is truly appreciated it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you The picture afterwards is my kids...Harley and her husband Damian, Terri and Neal. Again, just thank you.

I Moved My Family Back Home, but It Cost a Fortune! We Can't Cover Our Phone Bill!

My Story:

My wife and I will have been married for 21 years this coming November. We're a military family with three kids, and our oldest has degenerative disk disease that left her with two herniated disks. We're trying to get her enrolled into school and get her on track, but we're struggling with that after having to relocate to a different state.

A few months ago, we moved home to Louisiana. Unfortunately, we've struggled to get established, as renting the U-Haul and paying for gas was expensive. Additionally, we had to stop and sleep at a motel for two nights because the trip was cross country and unsafe to do in one go. It took everything we had to make it back to Louisiana. We lost a good bit of our furniture, our kids lost a lot of their clothes, and I was so fatigued my wife was worried she'd have to take me to the ER. To put it simply, we're in a little bit of a mess in terms of our financial situation, but if we're able to get assistance with two months of our phone and internet bill, we can sort things out from there.

Help with our phone bill will allow my wife and I to find work here, and that'll get us back on track for good. We moved to give our children a better life, and this support will put us one huge step closer to that goal. Thank you for considering us for this life-changing assistance.

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