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I'm a Single Mom of 3 Great Kids & Caretaker for My Mom. We Have To Choose Between A Car or A Home!

My Story:

I am a single mother of three wonderful children. My oldest son is 15 and wrestles for his high school. My daughter is 9 and loves to dance, but her world revolves around softball. My youngest son is 7, and he has been playing baseball since he was 3. They are all so full of energy and keep me busy constantly. I also take care of my mother who is a widow and has had several back surgeries and heart procedures. She has been there for me during my toughest times, so now it's my turn to be there for her.

I work full-time as a business office manager at a nursing home, and I really enjoy what I do. However, being a single mother while also taking care of my mother means that we have no choice but to live paycheck to paycheck. Unexpected expenses always have the potential to ruin us financially, and that is what we are facing right now. The compressor for my air and heat went out in my vehicle, and I also found out that it has an oil leak. The cost of that expense just is not something I can afford right now. It is hard because if I cannot get my vehicle fixed, I'll lose my job, but if I pay to get it fixed, I can't afford our rent and will lose our home. We're stuck in a bad situation, and we need a way out before we lose everything. That's why I'm humbly asking for help with these car repairs.

I am unable to afford these repairs, but I need my vehicle to be able to work and take me, my kids, and my mother to doctor appointments. I am worried that if I do not get my vehicle repaired quickly that it will get worse and need more repairs.

This assistance would be the support that my family desperately needs, and it would keep us from having to decide between losing our car or our home. This act of kindness would be an important example for my children to follow, and I hope that someday they might grow up to give to others in the way that you have given to us. Thank you all for your compassion and kindness.

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