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I Had To Pay Off My Debt But Now, I Can't Pay My Mortgage. I'm Terrified of Losing My Home!

My Story:

I'm a single homeowner and pride myself on being resourceful. I live a modest life with my almost 10 y/o boxer rescue dog, Benjamin, who has been right by my side through tough times. I independently cover all my expenses, and I always have funds saved to make my most important monthly payment: the mortgage. I work at a nonprofit that helps people afford their healthcare costs - and, in fact, have spent almost my entire career working at nonprofits with the mission of helping underserved populations.

In the Summer of 2018, I was given a Modest Needs grant for an urgent home repair that I could not afford, and I have been on-track financially ever since. All thanks to Modest Needs! Sadly, I've had to use money saved for my upcoming mortgage payment to pay left-over winter debt and attend to urgent home projects. I paid an over-due oil bill; it was accruing interest, the oil company kept calling for payment, and with the cold weather quickly approaching, I needed to take care of the debt, as I'm not sure the oil company would fill the tank with a balance from the previous season. I paid exterminators to eliminate rats burrowing under my home. For many health reasons, as well as the integrity of my house, this needed to be handled immediately. I paid an electrician to install a dining room ceiling light and add a working outlet. Lack of lighting has been manageable in summer months because of the abundant sun, but it will become a hardship quickly in the approaching darker months.

Simply put, I do not have the funds to pay next month's mortgage. If I don't pay for it, I am terrified that I will not be able to get back on track. I don't want to put myself on a course that will end in me losing my home. I understand such a reality seems not likely; however, I have ample experience that has proven otherwise. I have seen firsthand how one costly event or financial misstep can prove to be devastating.

This assistance will have far reaching and long-term implications for me: it will provide home ownership security and improve the trajectory of my finances for the entire following year. It will save me from crippling debt. As This act of kindness will give me hope, lower my anxiety, and lift me up emotionally - something I could use right now as much as money!

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