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My Son Has OCD & My Daughter Just Started College. After Our Car Broke Down, We Fell Behind! Help!

My Story:

I am a married mom with two children. My 18-year-old daughter just graduated high school and started college at the University of Maine as a nursing major. She is very compassionate and loves animals. She is also very athletic, as she played varsity field hockey in high school. My 17-year-old son has level 3 Autism and severe OCD. I stay at home to care for him since he requires 100% of my help with his daily living skills. He is a handful but can be very sweet. He loves waterparks and oceans. My husband works full-time as a driver and merchandiser for Coca-Cola, and he is our only source of income. His employer just cut overtime, so he can only work 4 days a week. On his days off, he is going to work for a moving company for extra cash which will help us maintain our monthly expenses. I used to work full-time as a commercial insurance broker until my son was diagnosed with autism. We have been living paycheck to paycheck because of this.

We fell behind on our mortgage and utilities because of some car problems. My daughter's car needed urgent repairs, so she could get to school and work. Then, my husband's truck needed repairs, so he could get to work. My car needs an exhaust and is basically not drivable, but I simply can't afford to repair it right now. Also, the cost of our electricity has skyrocketed because my son needs to keep all the lights on and takes several baths a day. We pay for sewer and water, so this is very stressful.

We are asking for assistance with our mortgage, which is almost two months behind, and our electric bill which is very behind. We were on a payment plan with electricity, but that recently got broken as we just did not even have the money to pay that. Since these car repairs, we have just fallen further and further behind. Having my daughter start college has also put a strain on our finances. We applied previously, but we were only able to raise 87% of the funds before our application expired which devastated us.

This act of kindness would help my family tremendously and get us back on track. We would be able to breathe again. We will be current with our mortgage and electric, and our sense of stability will be restored. We could focus on helping our daughter begin college and our son transition into adulthood. We would be thrilled for any assistance.

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