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I Suffer With OCD, Depression, & Anxiety. I Had to Move Unexpectedly & Now Can't Afford My Rent!

My Story:

I'm a single woman living in northern Kentucky. I have a dog, River, and a cat, Paige. They've been my rocks for the last few years, as I've struggled with depression, anxiety, and OCD. I was out of work for nearly two years due to these mental health struggles, and ultimately, I decided to start my own business when COVID hit. My business was doing well, and it helped me further my recovery because I was no longer in the toxic environment of my last job. However, with the recession, clients are hard to come by, and I'm struggling to make ends meet. I've taken up some side work of editing books for indie authors and delivering Uber Eats in my free time while I search for a more stable job.

I recently had to move unexpectedly because I was having breathing problems due to a neighbor's smoking at my old apartment. Since I'm barely making it paycheck-to-paycheck as is, the unexpected moving costs and deposit on the new apartment have been very difficult to manage. I'm currently working in a deficit and need help paying my rent so I can catch up.

I am asking for assistance with paying my rent this month. If I'm unable to make this payment, I will be evicted from my apartment which will make it nearly impossible for me to find a new place to live. This one-time assistance will provide the financial security that I desperately need in order to focus on finding a more stable job. Being able to pay my rent and knowing that my living situation is secure will make a huge, positive impact on my life. I'll be able to stop doing Uber Eats and dedicate 10-15 more hours a week to finding a job. That's at least 20 more applications I can submit each week and would astronomically improve my chances of finding a new job quickly. Thank you for listening.

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