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My Son Has Autism and ADHD, so My Wife Quit Her Job to Care For Him. Now, We Are Months Behind!

My Story:

My wife and I are happily married. We have a 9-year-old son who likes fun and family activities. We also have a dog named Skye who loves all of us. I work full time as a Public Safety Officer, and my wife left her previous job to tend to our son who has ADHD and Autism.

My wife was receiving income from her previous job, but since she has started staying home with our son, we are relying solely on my income. In the midst of this, our bills have risen and rent has increased because we have Skye.

We are asking for assistance with our phone and light bills which are essential to us. This one-time generosity will bring us current again, and we would have some breathing room to save up. We want to regain a sense of stability, especially for our son. We don't want him to go through a hardship and then we cannot afford to care for him. We will be so grateful for any kindness.

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