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I'm 23 and Am About to Get Evicted After A Dental Emergency Cost Me My Savings! Please Help!

My Story:

I am a 23-year-old young adult living alone; I have a passion for computers and making digital 3D art for games. I spend most of my time at home studying and making art, but I also juggle having a part time restaurant job.

I can pay off basic expenses every month, but I live day to day. I struggle to balance my health with working enough hours at my job to pay rent. I've built up a savings account for sick days, but I suddenly had a dental emergency about a month ago. I had to get a procedure and it cost a lot, so now I am in financial crisis.

I need assistance with my rent, as they keep adding on late fees. My savings is drained because of the dental emergency, so I cannot get current again. I must balance school with my job, so I struggle to work enough hours as it is. I've had to neglect paying my electric and internet bills, which affect my education, just to help with rent.

This kindness will help me get back on my feet with most of my expenses paid off. It will give me the time to focus on my education and pursue better job opportunities in the future. This would lift me up and give me a reason to persevere in these circumstances. I would feel hopeful that my hard work can eventually surface into something good; the last thing I want as a young person is to end up on the street.

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