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I Survived 2 Heart Attacks & a Medically Induced Coma, but I'll Be Homeless After I Get Discharged!

My Story:

I am a 43-year-old, single mother of 3 kids. The kids are out of the house, so I live in a small and comfortable apartment. I am an AODA counselor and a Mobile Crisis worker specializing in suicidal ideation. I chose this career for the opportunity to help others find their way out of addiction and other life crippling situations.

I am a Type 1 diabetic, and I was relatively active. Due to genetics and my diabetes, I tend to get UTI's and kidney infections. At the beginning of July, I went to the ER with severe abdominal pain. I was admitted and started on medication, but the following morning, I had a heart attack and was sedated, as there were many other issues because of the heart attack. I was septic, and I had to stay completely sedated for 2 weeks. After the first heart attack, the hospital was going to airlift me to another hospital better equipped to deal with my issue. Just before I was to be transported, I suffered another heart attack. I was airlifted, survived, and made a partial recovery. After all of this, I have permanent damage to my heart and kidneys. My recovery is marked in months, not weeks. Resuming a normal life will be difficult, but I'm fighting.

I am seeking assistance with my rent, as I was in the hospital, not working, for a month. I still cannot work until the middle of next month. Without paying my rent, I will face eviction. I am petrified of becoming homeless, as it will completely change my personal, professional, and financial life. This is a spiral that is hard, if not impossible, to pull out of without assistance.

With this one-time kindness, I will not have to fear ending up homeless when I leave the hospital. I will not lose my job, and I will not have to try to seek another place to live. I will be able to resume work mid-Sept, so I will have money coming back in. This would provide me with a very much needed safety net.

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