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My Newborn Just Spent 3 Weeks in the NICU & Now We Can't Afford Our Autistic Son's Therapy! Help!

My Story:

My husband and I are both public school teachers in a low-income community in North Carolina. We just welcomed our third child together, a boy! We also have an 8-year-old daughter who loves to read and build with Legos and a 7-year-old son with autism who loves cars. They are both over the moon for their new baby brother!

Despite having a relatively healthy pregnancy, our son had two collapsed lungs at birth and spent three weeks in the NICU. This cost us thousands in medical bills. In addition to trying to pay these, we learned that our insurance wasn't covering our older son's ABA therapy like we thought. We now owe thousands for this as well, so we are struggling to stay afloat.

We are asking for assistance with our son's ABA therapy. This one-time assistance will lessen our debt and allow us to make smaller, more manageable monthly payments toward the remaining balance. Without help, we will be forced to choose between buying groceries or being sent to collections for failure to pay. If we can pay down our current medical bills, we will regain a sense of stability and no longer worry about being able to afford our monthly expenses. We will be forever grateful for this kindness.

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