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I Moved To Dallas After My Grandma Passed, But I Can't Afford It Anymore. Please Help Me Move Home!

My Story:

I am a single woman, and I have cared for myself for as long as I can remember. My grandmother raised me to be strong, never give up, and always do my best. I moved to Dallas shortly after my grandmother passed away. I am a professional makeup artist, and I love to show others the beauty they possess inside and out. Listening to music is my favorite pastime, and it gives my heart so much healing.

I have been experiencing ups and downs as most of us have, but these past few years have hit me very hard mentally, financially and physically. My pay and hours were cut at work making it very difficult to make ends meet. I have no additional funds for basic needs. Food banks have been my saving grace, allowing me to eat and have hygiene supplies. Being in Dallas alone has also taken a toll on me, and I have realized that it's ok to go back home and ask for help. Having to realize that I can't handle everything is brave.

My lease ends soon, and I can no longer afford to live here. It leaves me with no choice but to relocate back to Detroit. This one-time assistance with my moving expenses will mean so much. I have thought of every way to move: renting a truck, keeping my things in storage, getting long-distance movers, but I cannot afford it and will be forced to do this 20 hour move completely alone.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford both my rent and moving expenses which has me concerned about having my things displaced or having no place to go when my lease is up. I will be forever grateful for this kindness which would be life changing for me and grant me a fresh start. It will allow me to be with family and those who care for me. The move will also give me the opportunity to save, get back on my feet, and breath again. It feels like I've been drowning and unable to come up for air. I know I will prevail through it all and that I have many blessings.

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