Paid 11/07/2023
Elderly Persons
Imminent Loss of Housing
Animal / Pet Care

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeDear modest needs donors, I want to thank you all!! Many other organizations that you are refered to help those are in need either tell you you don't qualify want you to send important documents that's not a safe way to send makes the process to difficult to apply etc...modest needs is the only one that actually helped me and its because of you that tells me there is still good people in this world helping me with this debt has been such a relief am so grateful for you all may God bless you and your family greatly!!!! It is so wonderful that someone cared about my problem and came through to help God bless you all thankyou thankyou thankyou so much and I believe in passing it forward so when my finances get better modest needs will be on my list of donations to pass it forward to someone else in need and again thankyou ALl! So much

I'm A Mom and Grandmom with 4 Dogs. I Am About to Lose My Home! Please Help!

My Story:

I'm a single mother of 4: Jennifer, Jessica, Justin, and Jason. I am grandmother of 5: Jordan, Adri, Elijah, Makayla, and Lincoln. I love spending time with them. I have 4 dogs, and their names are Nala, Sweet Pea, Bella, and Chewbacca. They are all rescues.

I'm a hard-working woman and always try to be the best I can be. For work, I set up for events, banquets, & conventions. Unfortunately, I have my debt load at max which is making it very difficult to handle all my monthly bills. This one-time assistance with my mortgage would take a huge weight off my shoulders; I'm already struggling financially, and this would help me get all caught up. This kindness will allow me to worry less about losing my home and spend more time with my family.

As of 2023-11-07, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2023-11-21, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $988.09 to Lakeview on behalf of this deserving individual.