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Unsupported Single Parent
Imminent Loss of Housing
Imminent Loss of Vehicle


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I'm a Single Mom to a Gymnast. After My Entire Windshield Shattered, My Girl & I Could Be Homeless!

My Story:

I am a single mother of a thirteen-year-old daughter, and she is the light of my life. She is in drum line and does gymnastics. I work full-time as a claims adjuster for an insurance company.

My rent recently increased, and I have been struggling to keep up. Not just that, but while I was driving, my hood flew open, destroying my windshield completely. This caused me to miss work until I could get it fixed.

I am asking for help with my rent. My landlord is working with me, as I am never late. I just cannot cover it this month. This one-time assistance will mean so much to my daughter and me. It will restore our stability and allow my daughter to start school in the Fall without worrying about where she will sleep at night.

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