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I'm an Actor and My Guild is On Strike. I'm Prohibited From Working & I'm About to Lose My Home.

My Story:

I am an actor and used to live alone, but two weeks ago, a wounded cat showed up at my apartment. I decided to keep him and take care of him. Now, we are living together.

On May 2nd, the Writers Guild of America began a strike. Since that day, new content has stopped coming out, the number of films and TV productions sharply declined, and my earnings reduced by approximately half. Up until now, I managed to make ends meet, but on July 14th, my guild (SAG-AFTRA) also began a strike, and now I am officially prohibited from working.

I have no means to pay for my apartment. My lease agreement expires soon, and I am afraid that my landlord may not renew it. This one-time assistance will give me the boost that I need to live through my guild's work hiatus and find an additional source of income, as I believe that every crisis holds new opportunities.

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