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I'm A Single Mom of 6. A C-section Made Me Lose Work, and Now I am a Month Behind on My Car Payment!

My Story:

I am a single mother of 6 beautiful children that always keep me busy! We love the outdoors, fishing, and going swimming. I work full time as a supervisor at a pizza factory.

I had a baby a few months ago via c-section. I had to take 3 months off of work. Because of this, I fell behind on some bills and am still playing catch up. I've been paying what I can but still running late on a few things, especially my car payment.

This one-time assistance to help pay for my car payment would be a lifesaver, as I'm only one month behind right now. I'm worried if I can't get caught up on this that it will get repossessed leaving me and my children with no transportation.

This will help my family extremely because I will not be behind and can, hopefully, get ahead on bills. It will allow me to worry less and spend more time with my children, especially my newborn.

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