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I'm 24 With Chronic Migraines & Heart Issues. Help Me Pay Off My Medical Bills!

My Story:

I am 24 years old and live alone with my dog, Petey, who keeps me company. I don't pay rent since my dad owns his home and allows me to live there rent free. I work nonstop to keep up with paying the utilities and my other bills. Since my dad mostly lives away with his significant other and left me with all the bills, I have watched my personal bills grow. I no longer have help financially, and unfortunately, living paycheck to paycheck has become my normal. I frequently watch my checking account dip into the negatives, causing me to pay fees or add debt to my credit cards. I feel like I'm spiraling.

Right now, I really need help with my medical bills. I would be grateful for any amount of assistance. I suffer with an unknown cause of migraines which results in frequent ER visits and MRI scans. I've been seeing a cardiologist for a year and have had some expensive procedures done. These ER visits, doctor's visits, medications, procedures, and unknown sicknesses have really added up, and I've got a notification that some of those bills are now in collections. I've already had to use a significant amount of my credit line, and now with my medical bills in collections, I fear my financial future will dig its own grave.

This one-time kindness would relieve so much stress and worry from my life. I would not have to worry about my medical bills sitting in collections and racking up more money I must pay. This generous assistance could make it so that I can pay my monthly bills instead of falling behind on those while I pay down my medical bills. I would breathe a little bit lighter and not give up on myself so easily.

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