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Our Utility Bill is Unreasonably High After Our Landlord Left Us with the Cost of Installing Solar!

My Story:

I'm a married mother with four beautiful children at home. My oldest son, aged 10, is passionate about playing basketball and football. My second oldest son, aged 8, finds joy in art and singing. My 6-year-old daughter loves singing and dancing, while my 18-month-old baby boy cherishes the cuddles with mommy and daddy. They are the light of our lives.

Currently, I work part-time overnight shifts at a local gym, while my husband is employed by a flooring company. Our family has been residing in our current duplex for approximately 8 years. Recently, our landlord had solar panels installed on our duplex. To our surprise, we received a True-up bill that is substantially higher than anticipated. Living paycheck to paycheck each month, we find ourselves unable to afford this unforeseen expense. We've done our best to cover this large expense, but as a result we can't cover our electric bill and need help catching up, as it's very large and very past due. Although I managed to break down the larger payment into installments, the monthly amount exceeds our expectations, making it impossible for us to meet the first payment deadline. If we fail to make the initial payment, our electricity will eventually be disconnected. With that in mind, I'm very humbly asking for assistance with paying off the amount that we owe.

This assistance with our bill will put us back on track, and it'll keep this crucial service on for the foreseeable future. In the fall, I will be embarking on my career in Respiratory Therapy, which presents an opportunity for us to get ahead with our expenses. Above all, my greatest wish is for my children to have a comfortable home where they can feel secure. I want them to be free from worries about the lights being turned off or the lack of air conditioning during this scorching summer. This assistance would do exactly that, and we would be tremendously grateful.

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