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We Had to Do Everything We Could to Save Our Dog, & Now We're Behind on Our Rent & Need Help!

My Story:

I have been living with my partner, whom I have shared a loving relationship with for the past 10 years. Our family includes three cherished rescue dogs, Pepsi, a Pit bull mix, Kali, a Chihuahua mix, and Thea, another sweet Chihuahua mix, along with our beloved rescue cat, Wookie. These wonderful pets have brought immense joy and love into our lives, and they are truly like our children.

Unfortunately, due to my disability, I am currently unable to work full-time. However, I want to emphasize that this is only a temporary situation, as I am actively working towards improving my health and returning to work. On the other hand, my partner works diligently for a home improvement company, ensuring our basic needs are met. Nonetheless, we live paycheck to paycheck which has left us vulnerable and unable to set aside any savings for unforeseen circumstances like the one we're facing now. Recently, my partner fell ill and had to miss a few days of work. This setback, combined with the tremendous vet bill we incurred in November when our beloved Thea suffered from a life-threatening condition called Pyometra, has caused us to fall behind on our rent. Thanks to the veterinary intervention and surgery, Thea has recovered miraculously and is back to her lively self. However, the financial burden has been overwhelming, and catching up on our rent has become impossible.

We are in danger of being evicted, so I'm humbly seeking assistance to help us cover one month's rent and the associated late fees. Our apartment complex has been understanding thus far, and we maintain open communication with the office staff, ensuring they are aware of our situation and efforts to resolve it. However, as the required eviction notices keep piling up, I fear that there will come a point where they can no longer accommodate us, and we may face the devastating reality of eviction if we are unable to settle our dues soon. This situation is temporary, as my partner is due for a long-awaited raise in the near future, which will significantly improve our financial situation. Additionally, I am actively pursuing opportunities to return to work within the next three months, which will allow us to build a safety net for future emergencies and stay on top of our expenses. In the meantime, if we receive help with getting caught up on our rent, it would be a lifeline for us both, and we would be deeply appreciative of that.

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