Paid 05/17/2023
Urgent Health Care
Imminent Loss of Vehicle
Medical Emergency

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeMe and my family wanted to say Thank You for all your gracious donations. Without the help we could have lost our vehicle and the only transportation to my radiation and chemo appointments. Thank you again and your willingness to help out.

We Need to Keep Our Car So that I Can Beat Cancer & Be There For My Family! Please Help!

My Story:

I am a married father of four children. My wife and I are very proud of our family, and we love spending time with our children and each other more than anything. However, we have recently come across some very difficult times. I recently have been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. My wife is a stay home mom and homeschools one of our children. That means that I am the sole provider of the household, so being on disability with only 60 percent of my pay coming in and with deductions being taken out of it for healthcare has put us in a financial crisis.

We have been living from one disability check to another, but those aren't enough of cover all of our monthly expenses. Like I said, I'm only receiving 60 percent of my pay, and that's caused us to fall behind on some of our crucial monthly expenses. On top of that, going back and forth to the hospital has led to us spending a lot more on gas, as the treatment center is very far away from us. My biggest concern is with our car payment, which we've fallen behind on by about a month. Having a vehicle is not only a necessity for my family in terms of going to the grocery store or getting around, but it's essential to my healthcare needs and treatment goals.

I'm very humbly asking for assistance with our car payment because losing our vehicle would severely impact my cancer treatment goals. I'm worried about the turn my health could take if we aren't able to keep up with our car payments and about the long-term impact it would have on my family. My children need their father, and I'm determined to beat cancer. This generous support would keep us on track, and it would be a huge source of assistance in my battle to overcome cancer. For that, my family would be truly and deeply grateful, always. Thank you.

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