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We're Struggling to Keep Up with Our Mortgage After a Gap in Employment & Home Repairs! Please Help!

My Story:

I'm a married father with 5-year-old twin boys, living in a 1500 square foot house with my wife of 10 years and my sister-in-law. Moving here was a significant improvement from our previous home, where I spent over 11 years. Since we bought this house a year ago, we've been working on various remodeling projects to make it better. The most recent project, completed in March, involved redoing our driveway and the sidewalk leading up to our house.

However, things haven't been smooth sailing. I had an unexpected job change and had to undergo retraining, which coincided with the ongoing remodeling project. It put a strain on our finances, and now we're struggling to catch up. We've fallen behind on our mortgage payments, and it's been challenging to get back on track. I understand the importance of meeting our financial obligations and providing a stable home for our family. That's why I'm reaching out, hoping for assistance with this month's mortgage payment.

If we could receive help with our mortgage payment for this month it would mean the world to us. It would give us some breathing room to regain our financial stability and ensure that our home is secure for our family going forward. We're doing everything we can to create a loving and nurturing environment for our boys, and this generous support would alleviate a significant burden. Truly, this act of kindness and generosity would have a profound impact on our lives. Thank you for this support.

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