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A Surgery Kept Me Out of Work & Now We're Going to Have Our Internet Shut Off! Please Help!

My Story:

I am a single mother with two children, and I love my children more than anything. My oldest daughter is about to graduate from high school, and we have been busy preparing for this milestone. She has a passion for working with horses and is eager to pursue a career in that field. Meanwhile, my son is getting ready to enter junior high and enjoys skateboarding and playing video games. He has a kind heart and loves making new friends. I work full time delivering prepared meals to the elderly and disabled, but I have encountered some financial challenges that I am unable to overcome on my own.

Recently, I had to undergo surgery, which forced me to take two weeks off from work. Since then, I have been struggling to catch up on our expenses. This month, I faced a difficult decision between paying the rent, making my car payment, or paying our internet bill; I could only choose two. Both my car payment and rent are essential for our well-being, especially because my son has autism and requires transportation to attend his appointments and therapy sessions. As a result, I am particularly in need of assistance with my internet bill, as I am several months behind. Internet access is crucial for various aspects of our lives, such as education and staying connected to my employer.

I would be very grateful for assistance with our internet bill. With this support, we'll be able to get right back on track. Once I am in a more stable financial position, I am committed to paying it forward and extending a helping hand to others in need. Thank you.

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