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I'm a Veteran & After Our Son Started to Struggle with Seizures, We Have Medical Bills & Need Help!

My Story:

I am a veteran and a married father of two beautiful mixed race boys. Our 7-year-old loves soccer and is a top-notch student with nothing but high A's. Our 2-year-old is very energetic and very happy. He came down with a sickness in October of last year that has caused a lot of concern for his health and a lot of financial struggles as well. He caught COVID in October of last year, and that's what caused him to develop severe complications with his breathing and with seizures.

Eventually, our son's complications got so bad that we had emergency services take him to the emergency room where he battled his illness and had emergency personnel do CPR repeatedly throughout the day. Our stay there was about a week. Shortly after that, he caught RSV, and in February, he had another seizure. Thankfully, we have medications to handle his seizures, so we didn't have to take him to the hospital. Still, during that time my wife, our family's bread winner, had to take off work to help care for my son and also for my health. I'm disabled as a result of my military service, and throughout this ordeal, my health has also suffered. I also had emergency eye surgery back in February to make sure I will not have to get a cornea transplant later on and so that I can retain my vision. My wife is new at her job, and so she doesn't have any type of disability or family leave. Without her working or earning any income, we're struggling to keep up and cover mine and my son's medical bills.

For the sake of my family's financial stability, I'm very humbly asking for assistance with one of our outstanding medical bills. If it goes to collections, it will hurt my family's credit, but it could also lead to my son and I losing our provider. Right now, it feels like we get a new bill every week, and even though my wife has returned to work, we're struggling to keep our heads above water. With this generous assistance though, we'll be able to get caught up on our medical bills, and that will put us closer to our goal of rebuilding our finances. For that, we would be very grateful. Thank you.

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