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I'm Recovering From Cancer & I'm Stuck Choosing Between Continuing Therapy & Covering My Mortgage!

My Story:

I am a lifelong learner, animal lover, and Oregonian who has also worked in the public school system for the past 24 years as a Library Specialist. I love my job, and I really enjoy helping others in their educational journeys. I live alone and have been fiercely independent most of my adult life. As such, putting my story out there and asking for help is hard, but the situation that I'm in is getting increasingly difficult to deal with by myself.

Last year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and although I had a tremendous network of emotional support from friends, family, and coworkers, nothing could prepare me for the tremendous financial and physical toll that treatment has taken on me. When I finished chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, I was done with the 'survival' mode of fighting cancer. Now, I'm transitioning to actually healing, and I'm trying to continue physical therapy to prevent lymphedema. These costs though are not covered by my insurance, so I'm left trying to balance the value of my personal health with that of my personal finances. We're all experiencing the pain of inflation right now, but the increase to my mortgage payment was just one more obstacle that leaves me feeling like I can't quite get ahead or justify the added expense of physical therapy. I want to stay in the job I've loved for more than two decades but that does mean that I live paycheck to paycheck, so I'm unable to handle both my therapy costs and my mortgage. With that said, I'm very humbly requesting assistance with the latter of those two expenses.

As I said, my mortgage payment increased this year more than I expected and has only added to my financial downturn and my stress. If I could receive help with covering one month's mortgage payment, I would be able to pay for lymphatic physical therapy, which is not covered by my insurance. I feel like I've just been crossing my fingers while not receiving the treatment, hoping that lymphedema doesn't happen to me. This assistance would put an end to that uncertainty. I am tremendously grateful for any support that I receive, and I appreciate the giving hearts of everyone who takes the time to consider my story.

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