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After Retiring Early Due to a Battle with Cancer, I Need Help Catching Up on My Car Insurance Bill!

My Story:

I'm a single mother currently caring for my child while also battling breast cancer. I've had to take an early retirement as a result of cancer, so I can't work and rely on a fixed income to get by. My battle with cancer was long and grueling. First, I developed breast cancer and had a lumpectomy followed by radiation treatment. However, the cancer continued to spread after that, so I had to have a double mastectomy with more radiation treatment to follow. Even that wasn't enough to fully stop it from spreading even further. Months later, I developed a soft spot on top of my head, and an MRI showed that the cancer had spread to my skull. After that, I had to have a craniotomy and had to live in the hospital. I was unable to walk or talk, and while I've started to recover, I'm still very limited physically and can't work.

Because I can't work, I live on a fixed income. This has made it almost impossible to cover unexpected expenses, as my budget is very tight. My car recently broke down, and because it's my only means of transportation to and from my doctor's appointments, I had to get it repaired. As a result though, I had to forgo paying my auto insurance bill. My insurance is about to lapse so I'm very humbly asking for assistance with catching up on that bill. Without insurance, it's not safe for me to drive my vehicle, so I would be very grateful for this support. This act of kindness would ensure that I'm able to stay on top of my health, and I will never forget that. Thank you.

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