Paid 05/20/2023
Self-Sufficiency Grant

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeDuring the most difficult time in my life it means so such to me that people came together and donated to modest needs to help me. Being diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age really changes you, You cannot work like you used to and getting radiation treatments take a toll Asking for help can be difficult . Getting this grant from modest needs will help me so much, being able to get caught up on a few things because I been out of work on a medical leave. It give me so much hope that people will come together to help a person who they do not even know. Thank you to all who donated to help me. Thank you all so much.

I'm Battling Cancer & Trying to Help My Daughter with Her Tuition but I Can't Do That & Fix My Car!

My Story:

I have been a single mom since my daughter was just 2 years old. I work full-time to support us both, and having a job at Progressive Insurance has really helped to stabilize my finances as I raise my busy daughter who loves learning and sports. She's always been a great daughter, and I love her very much. I've been a full time working mom, carpooling mom, and a sports mom through her whole schooling.

I was recently diagnosed with cancer, and I've been out of work receiving treatment. I've been able to cover my monthly bills, but now I'm living paycheck to paycheck. I'm facing a very difficult situation right now because I have to choose between covering repairs for my vehicle and helping my daughter pay her last tuition payment. Normally, I help my daughter out by covering her tuition at Hampton University as long as she's maintained good grades, and she always has. In fact, she's set to graduate this summer; however, now that I'm out of work dealing with cancer, I can't cover her last tuition payment and the repairs for my vehicle. She works as well, but the expense is too steep for her to cover on her own. My fear is that she's not going to be able to graduate if I can't cover what will be her final tuition payment. With that said, I'm asking for assistance with covering my vehicle repair so that I can comfortably assist my daughter with her tuition payment while also maintaining my only means of transportation to and from cancer treatments.

My daughter has worked for years to reach this point in her life. She worked all through high school to get into college, and now that she's at the finish line, it would be heartbreaking for her to not break the plane, so to speak. Yet, if I'm able to get this assistance with covering my much-needed car repair, I'll be able to contribute to her tuition comfortably, and for that I would be very grateful.

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Application Status Update: On 2023-05-23, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $676.38 to Mr. Tire Auto Centers #870 on behalf of this deserving individual.