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An Accident Shattered Our Glass Patio Door & I Can't Afford to Replace it! Please Help!

My Story:

I am a single mother with three young adult children. Only one of my children still lives at home with me. I am the Director of a small non-profit in Illinois where I work directly with senior citizens in our community. I have been in this position for just over a year and feel very rewarded by the work we do.

Recently, I lost my child-support assistance, and that's been a significant blow to our finances. Although it was warranted because my children are now young adults, I find they are still quite expensive (groceries, school supplies, housing, etc), and we live paycheck-to-paycheck. Recently, there was an accident involving our patio door. The glass in the door was shattered when a dog toy hit the door. As a short term solution, we covered the hole with particle board. However, this is not efficient in regard to heat loss, and I feel that my energy use has increased as a result. More than anything though, we also feel less safe in our home.

I don't have the means to afford to get a new glass patio door, so I'm seeking assistance with that expense. Without replacement, I feel that my energy costs will continue to suffer. In addition, I feel that my family is not as safe in our home because we're unable to even lock our door. With that in mind, if we're able to get the door replaced, we'll be able to feel safe in our home again, and I won't have to sacrifice our rent or utilities to cover the cost. We would very much appreciate this assistance, and I promise that I'll find a way to pay I forward in the very near future.

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