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We've Used Our Saving Trying to Downsize, & We Need Help Affording a New Wheelchair for My Husband!

My Story:

Me and my husband have been together for 25 years now, and we've been through a lot of peaks and valleys together, but we always remained focused on our family and on raising our two children to become responsible and respectable adults. We have definitely achieved that aim, as both of our children have become truly wonderful people, and they've also given us grandchildren! We have two rescue dogs that we love, and we are committed to keeping them with us until their final breath. I am a service coordinator who works with the less fortunate, and I help them locate resources. Currently, my husband is unable to work due to traumatic brain injury.

Most of the time, we're able to get by on my employment income and on the SSDI my husband receives. We're able to cover our expenses while living a simple, happy life. However, over the past two years, our savings have been depleted from medical emergencies. My husband just had to have his third life flight in a diabetic coma, despite having no pre-existing diabetes, resulting in an extended ICU stay. As a result of my husband's medical condition, we're in the process of downsizing, and that's cut into our savings a lot.

Currently, my husband is in need of a new wheelchair, but while we're in the process of downsizing, we can't afford it. We're working on moving to a one-level home where it will be easier for me to care for my husband, and him having a wheelchair will be huge help. This will greatly improve my husband's health, and for that, I would be very grateful.

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