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I'm In the Middle of a Battle with Cancer, but We're Going to Lose Our Car Insurance Without Help!

My Story:

I'm an older married man, and my wife and I have been together for a lifetime and then some! We're very happily married, and we're so grateful to have each other. I was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, and she's been such a huge support for me to lean on through this hardship. We're both retired and living on a fixed income, so the added medical expenses have been difficult for us to cope with.

We're struggling to keep up with our monthly bills, and right now my biggest fear is that our car insurance is going to lapse. While I'm going through this battle with cancer, it's important that we keep our financial situation as secure as possible. Keeping our car insurance is the key to being able to do that. If something happened to our vehicle, and we didn't have insurance, it could ruin us financially or even worse, it could leave us without reliable transportation to get me to and from my cancer treatments. With all of that said, we're very humbly asking for assistance with keeping up with our car insurance so that we're able to remain stable.

I'm doing my best to focus on my battle with cancer, but without car insurance, even a small issue with our vehicle could cost us a fortune. We wouldn't be able to afford my medical bills at that point, and then I could even lose access to care. So, we would be so incredibly grateful for this assistance because it will give me the chance to focus on my battle with cancer. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. I promise we will never forget this assistance.

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