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Medical Bills Have Put Us Behind on Our Rent! Please Help Us Keep Our Home!

My Story:

I am married to my husband Jordan. He is a brilliant 28-year-old musician, but he suffers from a chronic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which makes it very difficult and often impossible for him to take on work. This gets him down at times, but he does everything he can to be an emotional support to me as I take on the financial responsibility of paying for our home and food. I am currently the sole earner for our small family, and hope to get us to a better financial position so that we can one day have a child.

I was recently diagnosed with cervical instability and a cyst on my spine, both conditions are severe enough to potentially require surgery. I received the bill for the MRI that helped to diagnose this today, for $600. I am about to begin physical therapy, in the hopes that I can put off needing surgery for now - as it would be very difficult for my husband, with his own disability, to care for both of us as I recover from spinal surgery. The cost of physical therapy is also very expensive and not fully covered by my health insurance. As a result, I'm worried about trying to cover our rent for this month, so I'm humbly seeking help with that expense.

Typically, I am able to set aside enough money each month to pay our rent, but with the unexpected medical costs from February, I have not been able to save enough. We are worried that a late or missed rent payment could lead to the breaking of our lease, and we do not have the funds to pay for the cost of moving to a new home. However, with this support, we'll be able to begin the next month not already behind on payments, hopefully setting us back in a manageable direction after the medical setbacks of the last 6 weeks. Thank you to everyone who lends us a hand with our rent, and I promise that we will always cherish the support that we receive and the lifeline that it gives us.

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