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I'm a Single Mom Struggling to Cover Our Utilities After Giving Birth & After Our Rent Was Raised!

My Story:

I am a mother of two beautiful girls, my 2-year-old and my 7-month-old. My 2-year-old is very energetic and loves unicorns, and really, she loves all animals. She loves to play with our cat and chases her all over the house. My 7-month-old is naturally very curious and just loves exploring and learning new things every day. I do my best to support my two children, and so I am currently working as an administrative assistant at a hospital.

Our hardship began in June of 2022 when our old landlord sold our home to a new landlord. Immediately, the new landlord came in and told us that they would be raising our rent by $400 a month. I tried to tell them that would be too steep for me to cover, especially while I was pregnant. Still, I worked hard and kept up because I couldn't focus on trying to downsize while I was also pregnant. I had a whole room set up for my newborn, and downsizing at the last minute wasn't really an option. When my youngest was born in July, I missed about six weeks of work without pay, and this caused me to fall behind on our rent and all of our other bills. I'm working hard to get caught up, but I don't have the means to, and I'm really worried about remaining behind on our utility bills.

I'm very humbly asking for assistance with our utility bill so that we can focus on trying to keep our home while also looking to downsize. This assistance would free up some of my income to go towards getting current on our rent. More than anything this help would have a long-lasting impact on my family, and I promise that my children and I will never forget the assistance we receive.

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