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I'm On the Brink of Losing My Job Because My Car is Stuck in the Repair Shop! Please Help!

My Story:

I am a single woman living with my rescue dog, Kippen. I walk him in my neighborhood at least two times a day, and I love spending time with him. I am looking for work but have only been able to find part-time employment so far, so it's been hard to stay stable financially.

I'm living from check to check, and I can't afford to cover anything outside of my monthly bills. My car just recently broke down, and I can't afford to repair it. My annual property taxes are also due, so I'm in a difficult place financially. My vehicle is undrivable, and I've struggled to get to and from my job. Yesterday, I had to work a shift, but to even get to my job, I had to beg for rides, as I didn't have any other way to get there. There's no bus line near me, and ordering a cab or an Uber would basically take up all of my earnings from my shift. I desperately need to get my vehicle repaired, so I'm humbly asking for assistance with covering these much-needed repairs.

With my vehicle back on the road, I'll be able to cover all of my shifts and get back on top of my financial situation. I'm seeking full-time employment still, but until I can find it, I'll struggle to cover any unexpected expenses like the one that I'm dealing with now. This one-time assistance with getting my vehicle repaired would give me a huge boost, and I know that from there I can find the stability I've been searching for for a long time. Thank you to everyone who lends me a hand with this bill in advance.

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