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I'm Battling Cancer, but Now I'm Facing Homelessness Too! Please Help!

My Story:

I'm a single woman, and I do the best that I can to support myself on my own. I have a full-time job that I love, but recent and very serious health issues have kept me out of work for months now. More than anything, I'm very passionate about helping other people, and I'm always trying my hardest to live a conscious life where I make my family and friends' needs a priority in my life.

In January of 2022, I was diagnosed with malignant thymoma, a rare form of cancer. I was terrified at the time, and while I've been able to battle the cancer thanks to surgeries and radiation treatment, I've had a hard time staying healthy. After an initial surgery in April of 2022, I had phrenic nerve damage, and that required me to have another surgery this January. Shortly after receiving my initial diagnosis, I took a new job that would be more accommodating to my health needs, but after both of my surgeries and the health complications I've dealt with, I've had to take an extended leave of absence. I was out of work for months, and while I was able to keep up through a lot of that period, my savings ran out, and I don't have any way to catch up on past due rent that I owe. Despite explaining my situation to my landlord, they are still threatening to evict me if I can't come up with rent money soon.

I'm terrified at the prospect of losing my home as I'm still battling cancer, so I'm very humbly seeking assistance with my rent. If I can get caught up on what I owe, I know I can get back on my feet again because I'm supposed to return to work very soon. Thank you in advance for this assistance, and I promise never to forget the kindness I'm shown.

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