Funded 01/30/2023
Self-Sufficiency Grant
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This person has left the following thank you note:

Thank You for your generosity and for the blessing of receiving. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that my application did not fall upon blind eyes. It is truly humbling to see strangers show more love than family and friends or at least people that you refer to family and friends. In that way, once I am on my feet and can stand on my own, I will show my appreciation by donating and pouring to the needs of others as a way of paying it forward and I plan to do just that in the near future. I so much appreciate your sacrifice and donation. May God bring you donors love, peace, prosperity, and happiness. I have to express I was extremely weary of being open and stating that I had just been released from prison. I was afraid of being labeled or blown off. I took a risk. And in being transparent I received a blessing. I am not a career criminal and I thank whoever donated and assisted me in my time of need. Thank you for not judging me and empathizing with me because there are so many people who have not made a mistake as I have made and the donors could have assisted others rather than me (tears). Thank you kindly to all donors and Modest Needs. Thank you so much for your support. In Christian Love, Anthony!

After Getting Out of Prison I Need Help Getting a new Washing Machine & Getting Back on My Feet!

My Story:

This is perhaps a slightly unorthodox way to begin my story, but in an effort to be honest, clear, and sincere, I want to be up front about the situation that I'm facing. While I'm a bit hesitant to describe my situation, I believe that when you speak openly and honestly to kind-hearted people, it heals most wounds. I was recently released from prison in early November, and after spending time behind bars, I'm happy to have turned over a new leaf in my life, but I'm struggling to make ends meet.

Currently, I'm working full-time, but I'm still struggling to live beyond paycheck to paycheck. I just recently was able to get working privileges, as I'm currently under 24/7 monitoring. My movements outside of my home and my job are very limited and will be for some time. So, when my washer broke down, I struggled to keep all of my clothes and other essential items clean. I'm not able to go to a laundromat, and I can't pick up another job doing delivery or anything like that because of my monitoring. On top of that, I'm also on the hook to give up 15% of my gross paycheck while I'm on home monitor. As a result of this situation, I can't afford to purchase a new washer, so I'm very humbly asking for help with that.

After being released from prison, I'm determined to regain control of my life, but the precarity of my financial situation is getting in the way. However, having this assistance would be a huge step in the right direction. It would do so much for me in the short term as well because it's difficult to feel confident without clean clothes. Thank you to everyone who lends me a hand with getting a new washing machine.

As of 2023-01-30, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.